About Us

Capri Pizza is a family owned restaurant, with over 35 years of experience. In short, pizza is all we’ve ever known.  Its a passion for our staff and a pleasure to serve the people of the Barret Township area. We strive to provide the best experience for our customers, as a result we have a product that has love incorporated into every bite!

Get To Know Us

  • The Man Behind It All

    This giant old man, is not just that. He is a man who has lived a life of pizza. For over 35 years he has had his hand in dough rolling and tomato smashing. With hands so dry from reaching into 600 degree ovens, he is practically immune to trivial things such as heat. A modern day Pizza Hero!

    He earned his Pizza badges in New Jersey where he was a young apprentice to his uncle. Only later to open the doors to his own restaurant at the young age of 18.

    The rest is pizza history!

  • Where It All Began

    Lets return our story of masterful pizza to our Pizza Man’s roots. It all began one rainy morning a hundred years ago, with a frightful scream his father knew it was the day he would be born…. Just kidding, lets talk pizza!

    The story takes off when our Pizza Man was only 18. He opened the doors to his very first restaurant. This business stood the test of time. He operated for about 18 years, when the decision was made, to bring his pizza operation to the poconos.

    This story is starting to get tasty!

Who We Are Today

  • Then There Was Today…

    After our move from New Jersey, we settled into a nice cozy place across from Callie’s Pretzel Factory in 2001. We operated here while constructing our home where we are today, in Mountainhome PA. We moved into our Mountainhome location in 2011.

    Throughout the years we’ve continued to provide quality food for the people of the poconos. With so many positive reviews we’re proud to continue this tradition for many years to come.

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  • “ You see all the people that walk through the door, find one whose name I don’t know. This isn’t a business of names, but I make it MY business.”

    Joe CapriOwner & Pizza ManCapri Pizza