What Sets Us Apart

Many people think that “Pizza is just pizza!”… We beg to differ, pizza made with quality ingredients makes for a better product.


Dough Made Daily

There is Pizza Dough, and then there is fresh dough

Our dough is freshly made daily, and allowed to rise over night. This allows the dough to be perfectly risen to our standards.


Home Made Sauce

Not all Pizza Sauce is made equal.

Our Pizza Sauce is hand crafted to taste just the right amount of sweet, and the right amount of savory.


High Quality Cheese

Only the highest quality cheese makes it into our pizzas.

With the perfect dough, and our best sauce. How could we possibly not include only the highest quality cheese to the equation?

The Truth Of It All

  • Here at Capri Pizza, we’re firm believers that you get out what you put in. We apply the same philosophy to every product we sell.

    Every shred of cheese, every ball of dough and every ladel of pizza sauce was handled inhouse. We only accept the highest quality cheese. We hand make every batch of sauce and the dough is hand rolled.

  • This doesn’t happen by accident. We ensure that our product is consistently good, everytime. Anybody can claim to have good pizza, but in order to have a good complete product, you need quality components.

    Its not hard to see why we take pride in our product, with a product this good, its easy to be proud. We’ve been making pizza this way for over 35 years, we have no intention of stopping.